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Pumping out the summertime fun!

We are well aware of the benefits that water play brings to children and very few can resist the urge to play with water. In addition to the fun factor, they also develop their social skills as they cooperatively play, negotiate and share with the other children.

Our previous hand water pump had broken and it was sorely missed in the digging patch. We were keen to replace it with something more robust but it would be a costly exercise.

Thankfully, the volunteer kindergarten board members got together and ran a Bunnings sausage sizzle. This raised just enough money to fund a new, purpose-built, playground, water pump. One that’s impervious to sand being poured all over it. ;-)

The children are back in action, seeing and splashing in the fruits of their labour. And thanks to the sustainable design of the water course, there’s no water wastage either.

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