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Robyn Whittaker
Director | Teacher

Robyn is the Director and Teacher at West Chermside C&K Pre-Prep and has been working with young children for over 25 years.  She has a Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood) and a Bachelor of Education.

“I am incredibly passionate about helping young children to unpack their potential.  I believe in the power of play as a medium for learning and that it’s important for every child to develop a positive sense-of-self."


Robyn is warm, gentle and patient in her approach and has an amazing rapport with the children and parents.  It's no wonder people liken her to Miss Honey from Matilda.


They say teachers who remain passionate about their jobs tend to make everyone around them happier and more cooperative.

That's Robyn!

Robyn has 3 children, enjoys keeping fit and loves 'everything nature' in addition to caring for it.


Alexia Westhuyzen

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Joanna Ryan


Tahlia Zakaras

Tahlia works in the Extended Hours Kindy Program and as a relief assistant supporting the children's  interests and learning through play and intentional teaching experiences. Tahlia is currently studying for her Bachelor of Teaching Early Childhood.

Tahlia is understanding,  caring and considerate.  She builds positive relationships with the children she works with through her patient and respectful demeanor.  

Outside of kindy Tahlia keeps busy with her uni studies, working at OSH, baby sitting and spending family time with her 5 siblings.

Kasey Gregory

Kasey is our multi-tasking, multi-talented administration guru who does an amazing job of keeping our kindy running smoothly every day.  She thrives on being organised and developing systems that improve the efficiency of the office.  Kasey is also warm, friendly, approachable and always happy to help with any queries you might have.


Kasey has a legal background which has been put on hold since choosing to be a stay-at-home Mum with her four children.  While she finds attending her children’s school events and volunteering time in the classroom rewarding, Kasey also enjoys a regular hot chocolate catch up with friends and a spot of shopping!

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Tracy Lawrence

Tracy works as an inclusion support educator and relief assistant educator. She is very experienced and has been working in the field of early childhood and inclusion support for many years.

Tracy is very gentle and compassionate in her approach.  She works with individual children to ensure they feel a strong sense of belonging and that they are supported in reaching their full potential within the kindy program.  

Outside of kindy Tracy enjoys spending time with her 3 children.  She also enjoys trips to the beach and visiting friends.

Joanna has dedicated her career to working with children and has a Certificate III in Children's Services.  She has 25 years experience and 13 of them have been with C&K.

"I am a strong believer in the Reggio Emilia concept of learning.  I believe and value the importance of play where children experience ownership, empowerment and interest. 


In the year that we spend with the children, I love guiding them on their journey and watching them become independent and confident individuals ready to start school."

Joanna is enthusiastic, organised and always eagerly looking for opportunities to support the children's learning; carefully orchestrating activities that artfully contribute to their development and sense of joy.   

Outside of kindy, Joanna loves spending time with her 2 boys, her husband and extended family.  

Alexia is a part-time teacher at West Chermside C&K Pre-prep and has been working with young children for over 13 years.  She has a Bachelor of Education – Early childhood.


I believe children learn best through play, so providing many opportunities for open ended play throughout the day is paramount.  Finding the wonder in the everyday, slowing down our pace, listening to their ideas, getting down onto a child’s level are all so important in the early childhood setting.  Getting to know each unique individual and helping them grow in confidence is a privilege.”


Alexia is kind, calm and understanding, and enjoys working together with families to encourage and support children’s growth and helping to build independence and persistence. 


Outside of kindy, Alexia has 3 children and enjoys spending time with her family outdoors on walks, reading books, watching movies and cooking delicious food.

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Hannah Deutschman

Hannah works in the Extended Hours Kindy Program supporting the children's  interests and learning through play and intentional teaching experiences. Hannah is currently studying for her Bachelor of Teaching Early Childhood.

Hannah is gentle, thoughtful and fun.  She enjoys spending time with the children to ensure they have a great time at kindy.  

Outside of kindy Hannah keeps busy with her uni studies, working at Bunnings, and enjoying time with her cousins.

Our expert and caring educators Robyn, Alexia, Joanna, Tahlia and Tracy welcome the children into a safe and prepared classroom environment each day. 

We understand how energetic, curious, creative, and determined the children are and we are united and focused on providing the best possible start to their learning journey.  We carefully curate the kindergarten environment to support and nurture the children’s growing eagerness to learn about and become members of the larger community while encouraging them to discover and express their own individuality. 


Robyn, Alexia, Joanna, Tahlia and Tracy all hold Blue Cards, First Aid certificates and undertake ongoing professional development to ensure they are aware of current research and teaching pedagogy.

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