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The Book Nook

We worked with Stafford Heights community group Men’s Shed to create the Book Nook, a free book exchange to encourage the local community to read.

It’s no secret that reading is beneficial for developing the mind and brilliant for extending one’s imagination and creativity. Given how busy our lives are these days, it’s difficult to find the time to read. We wanted to make it easier and more convenient to do so and that’s how the idea for the Book Nook originated.

We didn’t have the resources or trade skills to bring this idea to fruition, so we contacted Men’s Shed at Stafford Heights.

Having worked together in the past they were excited to be involved in this project too.

The Book Nook is a unique initiative to West Chermside C&K.

It’s a purpose built book exchange for both adults and children and given its robust and waterproof nature, it’s perfectly positioned where everyone walks past.

We’re ecstatic with what the Men’s Shed have created. Children, parents, grandparents, staff and even students from the local school are all enjoying the benefits of the Book Nook.

It will bring joy for years to come.

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