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We recognise that each child is an individual – we support each child as they develop at their own pace. Intentional and incidental learning experiences are incorporated into each child’s play in an atmosphere of warmth and respect.

Our programming follows the Listening and Learning Together Curriculum Approach developed by the Crèche and Kindergarten (C&K) Association of Queensland, and the Early Years Learning Framework (the National Curriculum).

The Listening and Learning Together Curriculum Apporach focuses on five shared understandings:



Learning communities thrive when everyone is valued and respected and there is a strong sense of belonging and connection.  Children's identifies are continually evolving and are shaped by their experiences and relationships.


Children's understandings, experiences of and participation in relationships and communities shapes their belonging, being and becoming. Children's evolving connections expand when they feel safe and are valued as active participants and contributors to learning communities.


Holistic wellbeing is foundational to children's belonging, being and becoming. A strong sense of wellbeing positively facilitates children's learning and development. A stong sense of wellbeing positively supports children's optimism, feelings of happiness, agency, confidence, resilience, independence, engagement and active participation in learning communities.



Supportive learning communities contribute to children's confidence for exploring concepts, engaging in inquiry, experimenting with materials, making meaning and participating in new challenges.  Everyone's learning benefits when children engage with those around them in collaborative and respectful ways.


Children interact and communicate with the world around them using multiple strategies and forms of expression.  Children's evolving literacy and numeracy is enriched and extended when they engage in meaninful opportunities to explore concepts, process, language and ideas through play, listening, talking, reading, writing, music, dance, arts, environments and open-ended resources.

The Early Years Learning Framework guides curriculum decision making for Early Childhood Teachers and supports each child’s learning in five outcome areas:

  1. Children have a strong sense of identity

  2. Children are connected and contribute to their world

  3. Children have a strong sense of well-being

  4. Children are confident and involved learners

  5. Children are effective communicators.


The C&K Listening and Learning Curriculum Approach complements the Early Years Learning Framework and the Queensland Government Kindergarten Learning Guideline and embraces the vision that “all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life.”


Creche and Kindergarten (C&K) Association Limited

Queensland Government Kindergarten Approved Program

National Quality Framework

Early Years Learning Framework

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