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'Bee' the change you want to see

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

For some time now, we’ve had a dream to have stingless bees at our centre. Not only would it be wonderful for the children to learn and understand the important role of bees but also brilliant for the environment.

Bees are beneficial because of their pollination services, helping to provide food in the form of fruits, berries, nuts, leaves, roots and seeds. The local birds and mammals rely on these as their food source and we’re always striving to create the optimum environment for our local wildlife to thrive.

As such, we called upon the services of native bee expert, Giorgio Venturieri. Giorgio has been working as a professional bee researcher and keeper for 35 years and is a ‘hive’ of knowledge on the subject. It’s true, his range of hives look like adorable little houses but most importantly, through intelligent design they create happier bees.

Giorgio was wonderful to work with and thanks to him, we now have several hives strategically positioned around the centre. Bees are also a favoured topic of conversation amongst the children.

Keen on having a hive at your home or business?

Contact Giorgio:

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