West Chermside C&K Pre-Prep offers a pre-prepatory (kindergarten) program for children aged 3½ years to 4½ years.  Offering a play-based curriculum and excellent facilities, the children thrive as they explore, play and interact in our caring, learning environment.


Our high-quality, five day fortnight pre-prep program focuses on each child’s development with the benefit of C&K’s experience and resources.

We also strive to create a wondrous atmosphere for the children above and beyond the norm; be it picking fresh mulberries, caring for the pet chickens, gazing at the fish, enjoying some quiet time on the veranda or creating mini dams with the hand pump and sustainable water course.  

Pay us a visit and discover how we can help your child develop a solid foundation for life-long learning in addition to experiencing the joy and fun of play. :-)

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Robyn Whittaker


Director & Teacher

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Joanna Ryan



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Tracy Lawrence


Assistant & Inclusion Support Worker

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Lavinia Tuljaram




"Supportive and nurturing learning environment for my little person. The devoted teachers and staff at C&K West Chermside have made the transition into Pre-Prep such an enjoyable experience for both myself and my child. Education based play in a beautiful leafy green outdoor environment is just one of the highlights of this amazing centre. I would highly recommend this wonderful Kindy to all my friends and family.”

Torrie Webber